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I have spent over 40 years in the healing profession, firstly as a Doctor in Argentina, then as a physiotherapist in Italy and finally as an alternative therapist in Scotland. During my journey I have learnt many things in my desire to heal people; Traditional Western Medicine, Physiotherapy, Mediation, Reiki, Tai Chi and Qi Gong to name a few of the more important treatments but I have also researched many other types of healing during this time. I have now launched my first book "Who is inside me?" and can be order through our 'Pay Online' link below. Book an appointment

About Us

Dr Norberto Peralta arrived in Scotland at the end of 2000. In 2002 he opened the Studio of Alternative Therapy

If you want the opportunity to significantly improve your quality of life, no matter what your present circumstances, then join the School of Reiki training programme. The holistic approach of Reiki will enable you to improve your mind and body at the physical, emotional and spiritual level. Dr Peralta holds workshops every month in Stewarton, and elsewhere if there is sufficient demand.located in Stewarton. As well as a Reiki Master Teacher he is a Doctor of Medicine, specialising in sports injuries, cardiology and psychosomatic medicine. He worked as a doctor in Argentina for 18 years, then at a Centre of Physiotherapy in Italy for 12 years. He currently works as an alternative therapist, Tai Chi Instructor and Reiki teacher.

Academic Achievements and Training
1975 University La Plata Argentina – Degree in Medicine
1988 Meditation training with Osho Ranjeesh in Miasto, Italy
1992 Reiki First Level
1998 Reiki Second Level
2001 Certified by Dr Paul Lam as Instructor for Taichi for Arthritis
2002 Reiki Master Practitioner Level with Reiki Master Sally Ann Wallace
2003 Reiki Master Practitioner Teacher with Reiki Master Sally Ann Wallace
2006 Training with Master Liming Yue as Instructor in Chen Style Tai Chi
2012 Madrid Ho’ponopono with Mabel Katz
2013 Italy Ho’ponopono Self Identity I.C
2015 Quantum Medicine – Thurnemethodo

Previous Employment
1980 University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Doctor of Medicine – Specialising in Sports Injuries
1982 Society Argentina Cardiology, Cardiologist
1980-1987 Sarmiento de Junin Football Club, Club Doctor
1983-1987 Private Clinic, Intensive Therapy Unit Doctor
1987-1988 Head of Unit at above Clinic
1989-2000 Physiotherapy Centre in Italy. Responsible for all aspects of the treatment offered with the centre
1989-2000 Private Gymnasium in Italy. Dealing in therapy, massage, physiotherapy and Reiki
2001 Open The Alternative Therapy Studio, Stewarton, Scotland

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